August 2, 2017

Windows Workflow Foundation

Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) is Microsoft’s technology for modeling, implementing and executing workflows. It is a new framework for building workflow – enabled applications on Windows Desktop and Web. One of the most concerning views of WWF is the separation between business process code and the real implementation, which is often a requirement in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

Benefits of WWF
  • Provides workflow as per the business requirements
  • Provides various interface page flow
  • Provides human workflow
  • Improves scope of workflow from other applications
  • Offers tools for addition of sequential or state driven workflows
  • Can host various processor based workflows in different types of .NET applications
  • Full support for VB.NET and C#
  • Full scope of Debugging
  • Re-usability

With the help of Windows Workflow Foundation, you can create processor flow-based workflows and host them in any type of .NET application. At Chatla Infotech, our WWF development service helps us to model a business process with code, enabling closer collaboration between developers and business process owners and providing end users with better access to data, thereby improving productivity.

We have a teams of developers who are proficient in various .NET related technologies and delivers the best in the WWF development. Our developers team are capable of providing all kinds of applications by using their expertise and knowledge, along with other technologies like Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Presentation Foundation, that can reduce the need for extensive communication between humans and technology in business applications.

If you are looking for some professionals having hands-on experience in Windows Workflow Foundation development, then Chatla Infotech will be an ideal choice for you. With use of workflow, complex business rules can be decoupled from application code making them easy to create, change and maintain. Through Windows Workflow Foundation, developers can organize activities into a workflow definition to meet business requirements.