August 2, 2017


DirectX 11 is the newer version of Microsoft DirectX architecture. DirectX is a collection of common application programming interfaces that generalizes the way a GPU code is written and executed. It is basically used to handle tasks related to multimedia, especially game programming and video, on Microsoft platforms. It features tessellation for film-like geometric detail, compute shaders for custom graphics effects, and improved multi-threading for better hardware utilization.

Many improvements have been incorporated in DirectX 11. This includes the design which is more efficiently made to deliver the power of present day multi-core processors and offer support to sophisticated shading and texturing techniques such as tessellation. We can observe a really smooth 3-D animation, with graphics more like real life and nuanced than ever.

With these technological changes made by DirectX, and its “competitor” OpenGL, users throughout the world are able to run any game using any GPU from any company. Thus, the condition that determines how well a game can run on your system completely depends on the strength of your hardware.

On the contrary, DirectX has helped greatly to avoid the war between standards and not like the way that divided Blu-ray from HD-DVD. With DirectX11, Microsoft has created a huge buzz throughout 3D gaming. All 3D programs requires an application programming interface (API). These programs, when combined with 3D graphics card, delivers a real time 3D graphics. This is where Microsoft’s DirectX utilization can be seen.

While 3D is concerned, most CAD users prime focus had always been around frame rates, visual quality and stability. But after DirectX11, you will find more opportunities and benefits coming in the way beyond these standard metrics. Thus, DirectX 11 has open up a door and advance to higher level in 3D world.