August 1, 2017


Why Join Us?

Chatla Infotech offers a complete mix of a great work environment, continuous growth opportunities, and a competitive package.

Company growth and potential

Individual growth and success can only be built on client and company success. Since inception, Chatla Infotech has had a consistent track record of profitability and success. We are focused on providing technology solutions for leading software companies and global enterprises, a high potential area that leverages our strengths in emerging technologies & domain knowledge. Chatla Infotech offers career opportunities in India and overseas.

Focus on emerging technologies

Our software engineers continually add skills and technology expertise. Relationships with companies who are at the forefront of technology provide our engineers with exposure to world-class development practices and emerging technologies. Chatla Infotech also has a dedicated research division that concentrates on emerging technology areas and has some of the best brains in the country working on it.

People above all else

Chatla Infotech focuses on individual career planning, competency mapping and provides unmatched flexibility and options to grow in project management or pure technology development and system architecting. It gives you the freedom to define your own growth paths and roles in a planned manner. Chatla Infotech rewards individual excellence within a team and encourages innovation.

The Chatla Infotech Way of Life

Chatla Infotech is a highly creative, ethical, employee- centric and socially conscious company. We are passionate about what we do and do not compromise on our values. To excel in a highly charged schedule driven environment, the fun element in work is critical and people are encouraged to plan and organize fun activities such as sports, picnics and dinner and dance parties.

Compensation & Benefits

Our compensation packages are tailored to encourage long-term retention and include insurance, loans/advances and other incentives. Performance reviews are undertaken semi-annually, and salary increases are determined through a professional analysis of an individual from personal, organizational as well as industry aspects.